In today’s borderless economy, Sales & Marketing Global is a worldwide consultancy specialized in advancing the unique sales cycles, business models and sales forces of high-tech corporations. Through our proven BI skills (Business Intelligence) and customized Sales Enablement Training, SMG is your 360-degree strategic business partner helping you to grow leads, amplify sales and optimize your overall business performance.

We deliver:

  • Expert IOT/IOE and big data challenges, data science and technologies
  • Proven methodologies and a proprietary BI program using state-of-the-art technologies
  • Cisco® Learning Business Partner certified cloud-based and e-learning training programs customized with your company language to sharpen the acumen of your sales team at all levels
  • Global presence/leveraging power spanning: USA/Canada, Latin America (Argentina/Brazil/Costa Rica/Mexico), APAC region (India, China, Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand and Australia), Europe (UK, Poland)